Friday, 9 September 2011

Plaay Laem Beach Review

Plaay Laem is located in the south-west of Koh Phangan. It is an area of the island that is much less visited than other parts, especially the south-west where the twin beaches of Haad Rin dominate the tourist scene. In many ways this is a good thing because part of the undoubted charm of Plaay Laem for the visitor is that it is an empty beach.

It is not easy to reach Plaay Laem. You cannot simply hop on a motorbike and drive there. A short ride from Thongsala there is a footpath that is inaccessible by normal bike. A visitor must walk the final ten minutes to get to Plaay Laem beach. The alternative is to hire a longtail boat in Thongsala and take the sea route to the beach.

Plaay Laem is a beautiful white sand beach with a great sunset and view of Angthong National Park in the distance. Behind the beach rises the mountain of Khao Hin Nok. The mountain appears to overflow from the land and spill at into the sea. The result is giant granite boulders scattered around the bay of Plaay Laem. Consequently the best place to kayak in Koh Phangan is Plaay Laem. It is great fun exploring the rocks just off the coast. It is also possible to organize sailing and windsurfing if you stay at Plaay Laem

80 meters off the shore there is a coral reef that is great for snorkeling. The only downside to the beach at Plaay Laem is that the sea shelf gets deep gradually before the corals. This makes swimming best during the higher tidal months between November and April.

Accommodation in Plaay Laem

The cheapest place to stay in Plaay Laem is Cookies Bungalow. They have basic fan bungalows starting at 300 Thai Baht a night. They also have better air-con bungalows available. It is at Cookies Bungalow that you can organize sailing and windsurfing.

Recommended is Sabai Beach Resort. They have clay and Thai thatched bungalows both beachfront and sea view. Some of the bungalows are directly on the beach; others command impressive views as they are elevated. Sabai Beach Resort offers basic bungalows as well as air-con bungalows with TV, fridge and DVD player. Bungalows at Sabai Beach Resort cost between 900 THB and 2,500 THB. They also have a restaurant.

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Another good accommodation option at Plaay Laem is Amsterdam Bar and Stone Hill Resort. The Amsterdam reference might not be lost on all; and yes, Plaay Laem is a very laid back place. Amsterdam Bar is accessed from the main road and is built on a giant rock. The veranda at the bar has the best views of the spectacular sunset at Plaay Laem.

Near the bar there are a few air-con bungalows including a family bungalow suitable for 4 people. All the bungalows have large balconies and are great places to enjoy the view.

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Plaay Laem might not have the best beach in Koh Phangan, but it does have one of the quietest beaches. It is a great place to relax and escape the crowds. Plaay Laem is also a good place to enjoy water sports such as kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. Plaay Laem is ideal for couples and for those who like to be near all the amenities of Thongsala but want to enjoy a beautiful beach locale.