Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Nok beach in Koh Phangan began as a one off event in 1987 in Paradise Bungalows. The party was such a success that they decided to hold another party the following full moon. By the end of the 90s the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party became a must on the backpacker and gap year circuit. By 2010 it has become a World Famous dance music event that regularly attracts up to 30,000 mooners.

The great news is that the party is still free to go to. Accommodation fills up quickly in Haad Rin so either book Full Moon accommodation in advance or consider staying somewhere else on Koh Phangan. Good choices include Bantai and Seekantang because both these beaches are relatively close to the action but are also very quiet and peaceful.

Full Moon Party Spots

The Rock
As the name suggests this bar is on a big rock at the southern end of the beach. They have great cocktails and play soulful funky tunes.

Paradise Bungalows
The original full moon party spot and still one of the best. This is the place where international DJs are most likely to play. The resident DJ A is the DJ who pioneered the tough progressive sound that is the trademark of the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party.

Drop In Club
The Drop in Club is one of the longest running venues on the beach. A huge crowd gathers in and outside the bar. It has lots of seating. The Drop in Club plays a variety of music including chart hits, RnB, hip hop and dancefloor classics.

Zoom Bar
The Zoom Bar is slightly smaller than the next door Vinyl Club. It plays hard psy-trance. The party goes on really late at Zoom Bar - often well into the afternoon the following day.

Vinyl Club
The Vinyl Club bangs out great psy-trance and techno. It has a monster sound system with plenty of podiums to shake your thing. The Vinyl Club attracts some of the biggest crowds on the beach.

The Cactus
The Cactus is right next to the entrance to Haad Rin Nok  beach and always attracts a big crowd. They normally play more commercial music. Expect to hear RnB, old skool classics, hip hop and rock.

Tommy Bar
Tommy Bar is all about psy-trance and techno. There are lots of fluorescent sculptures and some of the craziest party goers are found here.

Mellow Mountain
This is at the quieter northern end of the beach. It has lots of cushions and hammocks to chill out on. The music is also more chilled too.

Sunrise Beach Club
This venue starts pumping out the music 5 days before the full moon party. They serve up electro house, drum and bass and jungle.

Other bars not on the beach include Same-Same (live music), Outback Bar (funky house), Reggae House and the legendary Backyard Club that starts up at 11am the following morning for all those just getting into their stride.