Friday, 18 November 2011


The best band to emerge from the growing musical scene in Koh Phangan is Moscowfish. The core of the band consists of 2 Canadians that hail from Vancouver - Ted Hall and Ea Birkett. They've set up a recording studio in a converted fisherman's wooden house on the island. They enthuse alot about the creaky wooden house, but they clearly love the place.

Moscow fish are a live band that mixes electronica with acoustic and electric guitars as well as other instruments. It is hard to pigeon hole Moscowfish they sometimes sound like the triphop of Portishead other times like a folk punk band. On their facebook page Moscowfish describes their music as: Other / chill-out, contemporary creative, folk/punk/blues, / electronica acoustic.

Whatever the genre it is a sound that works, and that is original. Below you can see a Youtube video that they made on Koh Phangan that features images from the island:

You can catch Moscowfish at several venues around the island. They play every Half Moon Party in Ban Tai. The Half Moon Party is a Jungle Party that is held 1 week before and 1 week after the Full Moon Party. To find the schedule for the Half Moon Party click here.

Moscowfish also sometimes play at A's Coffeeshop. To find their latest gig date go to their website:

The band also has a soundcloud page with lots of great songs for you to check out:

Despite the sometimes formulaic nature of the party scene in Koh Phangan it is clear to see that the beautiful island is also starting to attract those who want to create not just 'play' and imitate.

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