Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thongsala Cheap Eats

Thongsala, the main port town in Koh Phangan, has the best selection of cheap places to eat in Koh Phangan.

Below is a list of some of my favourite cheap eats in Thongsala.
  • Just down from the post office is a local hole in the wall place that is usually full every lunch time. They serve a mean khao mu deang (red pork with rice). It cost 30 baht when I was there last. The food comes quickly and the walls are covered in classifieds.
  • At the edge of the market there's a street food stall that serves good and cheap Thai food.
  • In the evening the night market (on the main street, half way down) is the place to get a cheap meal Thai style. Rice and curry or noodles is the standard fare. You can also get a cold beer with your meal. The night market usually has plenty of people and atmosphere and is a good spot to hang out early evening.
  • More expensive, but tasty is the fish restaurant on the corner by the sea, on the same road as the post office. They serve fresh shark, snapper etc. with salads and rice. Other than the food, the best thing about the restaurant is the view of Thongsala bay.
  • Finally, if you are waiting for a Lomprayah ferry the best place to get a snack is the 7-11 opposite the pier entrance. Cup noodles, burgers and crisps are good choices. Stay clear of Thai 7-11 sandwiches - they are sweet with odd (relatively speaking) fillings.
  • If you want western food, then A's is the place to go. It's good but not in my 'cheap eats' category.

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